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Ann Rose is the creator of Abortion Clinics OnLine - the first and largest internet directory for abortion clinics and abortion providers worldwide.

She has proudly worked with abortion clinics and family planning centers since 1976.

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Abortion Clinics OnLine (ACOL) is a directory service comprised of websites of over 400 providers of abortion services and other reproductive healthcare. They may be private physician's offices, state licensed abortion clinics, private abortion clinics, or hospital abortion services. To the best of our knowledge, no anti-abortion "pregnancy consultation" centers are included here.

Abortion Clinics OnLine has been online since 1995 and has had over EIGHT MILLION visitors. Websites of some of the most reputable abortion clinics and abortion doctors in the country are linked to this directory. Recommended reading before contacting an abortion clinic: ACOL

To find an abortion clinic or abortion doctor near you click on Clinic by State. Abortion providers are listed by State, then City. Click on the abortion clinic's name for detailed information on abortion services, patient instructions, abortion fees, post abortion care, directions to abortion clinics, pictures of abortion clinics, abortion patient forms, questions about where to get an abortion, and other educational information.

Note that prices for abortions vary from clinic to clinic and are based on length of pregnancy, anesthesia choices and other variables. You therefore need to contact individual abortion clinics directly for pricing information.

Not all abortion clinics in all cities are included here. Our directory lists paying advertisers.

To find information about abortion clinics in specific categories (medical abortion with RU486 or Methotrexate and Misoprostol, late abortion past 20 weeks, general anesthesia, emergency contraception, tubal sterilization, etc.) click on Abortion Clinics by Category.

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La primera en el mundo y la más grande fuente de sitios web para clínicas de aborto en linea. "Clic" aqui - Abortion Clinics Online has developed an abortion clinic directory in Spanish.

Clinic Pages information and clinics, doctors for tubal ligations, birth control, menopause - doctor and clinic directory is the 'parent' directory for various online directories listing doctor's offices and clinics nationwide. Our goal is "Connect People with Healthcare". Visit directories here:

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Metropolitan Family Planning
Camp Springs, Colleg Park, Gaithersburg, Maryland abortion clinics

Heritage Clinic for Women - Grand Rapids, MI abortion clinic

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Intimate Wars
is a new book by abortion pioneer Merle Hoffman which is a mesmerizing personal history of the development of abortion clinics in this country. It's a must read for providers and all pro-choice individuals.

To purchase, click HERE.

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Women speak out about positive abortion experiences.

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An after-abortion counseling TALKLINE

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Back up your birth control with the Morning After Treatment (Emergency Contraception) taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.

VIDEO: Rev. Rebecca Turner talks to women considering abortion.

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