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ACOL advertiser comments

" You and Abortion Clinics Online have been an important part of our advertising and clinical success. Because of your long and successful association with abortion clinics and your business acumen, I gave ACOL a try at your suggestion when it first started in 1996. At least 10%, of our business now comes directly from the internet and ACOL is a large part of that. Your help with our site development was very beneficial. Your wisdom and advice have been invaluable. Thanks again for introducing us to the internet and helpling with our sucess." - George Tiller, MD DABFP - Healthcare Services, Wichita KS

"ACOL is bringing in 1 to 2 new patients per day! I personally want to thank you for bringing the internet into the clinic business. My practice is using the internet to educate patients about our services, about myself,and about pre-op instructions. I never bothered to get on-line until you made it a business prerequesite" - Josepha Seletz MD, Pro-Choice Medical & Eve Surgical Center, Los Angeles, CA (www.prochoicemedical.com)

"I owe you an apology for laughing at you when you mentioned this "internet" thing to me back in the 90's. I could kick myself. Now that I have seen the light and joined your website, I am amazed at the number of patients I see that cite you as the referral. This is most certainly the cheapest form of advertising I do as well as the most effective as demonstrated by the increase in patient load on a monthly basis. So thank you, keep up the great work!" - Diane Derzis, New Woman All Woman, Birmingham AL (www.newwomanallwomen.com) and Capital Women's Health Clinic, Richmond VA (www.capitalwomenshealth.com)

"When clinics in remote areas such as Jackson, Mississippi, and Ft. Wayne, Indiana, see patient referrals from the internet, we know that it's working. On a per-patient cost, we are spending about 1/8 the amount on ACOL that we do on the Yellow Pages, and currently at least 10% of our business is coming from ACOL. The Internet is definitely the most effective and inexpensive method of obtaining patient referrals." - Susan Hill, National Women's Health Organization (www.nwho.com)

"We have had a great experience with Abortion Clinics OnLine for many years. Each month we see an increase in hits to our site as prospective patients use the web to seek out providers and abortion information more and more. Abortion Clinics OnLine is a reliable, easy and no-hassle way to get started on the internet." - Martin Haskell M.D., Women's Med Centers, Ohio & Indiana (www.womensmedcenters.com)

"As one of the original participants in ACOL, I have noticed a remarkable increase in referrals from the internet in general, and ACOL in particular, over the nine years that my website has been listed with Ann Rose. Without a doubt, ACOL is the most cost effective advertising available for abortion providers." - Dr. George Dainoff, South Jersey Women's Center, Cherry Hill, NJ (www.sjwc.net)

"We have had a website on Abortion Clinics OnLine for many years and have found that this site is the best way of listing our clinic. Many more patients are using the internet to find services than the yellow pages. You do not want to have a website without listing it on Abortion Clinics OnLine." - Marilyn Buckham, Buffalo GYN Womenservices (www.buffalogyn.com)

"Hope Clinic's listing with Abortion Clinics OnLine has been a tremendous help in letting women know we exist. ACOL first introduced Hope Clinic to the internet, guiding us through the design of our very first web page in 1995. ACOL has set the standard for clinic websites and are open and upfront about their affiliation with abortion providers." - Allison M. Hile, M.A., Director of Information and Education, The Hope Clinic for Women, Ltd., Granite City, IL (www.hopeclinic.com)

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