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If I have a website on the Internet -- How will patients find me?

Since the web is a vast connection of millions of computers all over the world, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. In fact, you're right: What good would it do to have a "billboard" in space if nobody saw it? There are 4 basic methods for promoting your site:

1. Abortion Clinics OnLine Internet Directory
ACOL is a specialized listing of abortion facilities by State, then City. By having us develop your HomePage, you are instantly and automatically listed in this directory which already has an vast audience on the Internet via search engines and links with other similar sites. Some Search Engines take from 1 week to several months to index your site. Many Search Engines are charging hundredsof dollars to be listed. That's already done for Abortion Clinics OnLine. Consider the Internet to be like the Wild Wild West. Wouldn't you rather venture out into it in with a wagon train rather than by yourself on a horse?

2. Collectively on ACOL we REGISTER your site with Search Engines.
Search Engines are searchable databases developed by corporations and internet providers. There are hundreds of these, but there are about 10 generic ones that are the most widely used: AltaVista, Lycos, HotBot, WebCrawler, Excite and Yahoo, to name a few. We will register your site with the most popular search engines. This is a complex process and takes special skills to get noticed. It may also take up to several months for your web address to appear in some engines. That's why it's important for you to have the immediate exposure of being listed in Abortion Clinics OnLine which is already registered with these Engines.

3. We LINK Abortion Clinics OnLine with other similar sites.
The term "surfing the Net" comes from the ability to jump from one Internet site to another because sites have LINKS to other sites. We continuously research our companion market on the Internet and make other sites aware of our site in the hopes that they will create a LINK from their site to ours. Again, this takes persistence and skill to promote our site to the appropriate people. For instance, our abortion clinic clients are listed in Abortion Clinics Online and ACOL is also listed on other sites such as the Feminist Majority Foundation site (http://www.feminist.org), which is real popular, and other abortion rights and women's health sites.

4. You promote your site in your promotional materials.
Another important factor is for you to include your WebAddress on your stationery, business cards, brochures, Yellow Pages and other advertisements. This will alert the netwise public to the fact that you are a progressive company in tune with the latest technology. People who see your advertising and need more detailed information (even in the middle of the night) can immediately access your site for instant gratification. Therefore, when a patient calls you for an appointment, she's already gotten good facts about your clinic and your procedures. Conversely, phone inquiries can be directed to your Web Site for additional information about your procedures, prices and policies.


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