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Frequently Asked Questions - Advertising on the Net

What is the World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web ("WWW") is not a company. It is made up of computers from around the world that are linked together via phone or cable lines. These computers have the ability to retrieve unlimited amounts of information to anyone that is "online" (with AmericaOnline, Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). It's also called the Internet, Net, Cyberspace or Information Super Highway.

Why should my clinic get involved?
From an advertising perspective, with the Web your clinic has the unique ability to use pictures, full color graphics and/or any other form of information at a cost so low that conventional advertising cannot meet. Consider the WWW as another way of reaching out to new and existing patients.

When should my clinic get involved?
The sooner the better. Over 800 million businesses are already participating on the WWW... and growing daily. To ensure your opportunities of exposure and ability to take advantage of millions of users (potential patients), it would be a wise business decision to get involved as soon as possible.

Does my clinic need a computer to advertise?
No You do not need to be on-line yourself or even have a computer in order to have a HomePage on Abortion Clinics Online. Remember, you are advertising to people who are already on line. You may choose to get on line and enjoy the wealth of information that the WWW has to offer, or check out the competition and explore research information for you and your clinic.

What is the bottom line cost?
$2500 minimum per year through 2004. That's it, believe it or not. ACOL can take almost any form of information about your clinic and make it available to be seen by anyone in the world. If you've already got a website developed for your clinic, we can hyperlink you to the State section for $1200/year.

Will I advertise to people all over the world?
Yes. However, we realize that one of your main revenue sources is who walks in your front door or calls you over the phone locally Our directory is made up of abortion services just like yours, arranged conveniently by State, then City. Our main focus is for you to have the opportunity to inform potential patients in your area how to access information about your business over the Internet.

How will they find me?
Anyone with a HomePage on the WWW can be found a number of ways.

  • Typing in a web address
  • Surfing. Randomly looking at various sites without a direction in mind
  • Search Engines. Information sources that list pages under a key word or phrase or
  • Abortion Clinics OnLine directory.

How will I know they found me?
A few different options are available for you to track your business. One is to put a "counter" on your page that actually keeps track of the number of people that view your site. It's also important for you to get referral information from the patients that actually show up at your clinic. Clinics are currently reporting 3-30 patient referrals per month from their websites listed with us.

Can I make my own web page and put it on?
Yes. You can make your own ad and place it on the Internet. However, be aware that you will not be associated with other similar businesses and your opportunities of exposure will be based on how well you personally promote your own web address. Online clinics not listed in ACOL get about 1/8th the hits as ACOL clinics. You can Hyperlink your web page to ACOL for $1200/year in the State section. This can increase its visibility significantly.

How long does it take to be on-line?
Normally, if we have to create a site for you then oonce we receive your artwork, your clinic will be on the Internet within 3 to 6 weeks. If you need to make immediate changes, they can usually be made within 72 hours. If you just want to hyperling your site that's already online, we can have you linked within 48 hours of receiving your full payment.

How often can I make changes?
As often as you like. Since this is an active medium, we can change your information as often as you wish. There are no charges for changes for your first 30 days, then minimal thereafter.

If I want online access too, what's the best way?
First, you need a computer, either a PC or a Mac. We prefer Macs and would suggest at least an iMac. Get at least a DSL connection, which is the fastest generally available. Then, you need to sign up with an online service, either America Online, MSN, Mindspring, Earthlink or a local or national access provider. America Online might be a good way to start. You can order their software for free and that comes with free hours. Then, you can download Netscape from the WWW on America Online. Netscape is currently the most popular web browser software, and the one we recommend. You then sign up with a local access provider for about $10-50/month unlimited access. That includes E-Mail and you're ready to surf!

What do clinics currently listing with ACOL have to say?
Click here for comments from ACOL clinics about advertising on Abortion Clinics OnLine.

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